Five Ways to Clean Your Copper Bracelet

Copper bracelets are traditionally cared for with a gentle polishing cloth. To maintain your bracelet gleaming and attractive, all you need to do is massage it on a regular basis. Here are five simple methods to clean your copper bracelet if it becomes tarnished.

Method with Vinegar and Salt
To eliminate all tarnish, massage white vinegar and salt into the copper bracelet.
Rinse well and buff with a soft, dry cloth.

Method 2: Vinegar and Salt
In a saucepan, combine one tablespoon salt and one cup white vinegar.
Fill the container halfway with water.
In the pot, place the copper bracelet.
Bring to a boil until all tarnish has disappeared.
After it has cooled, wash it with soap and water and dry it.

Method with Lemon and Lime
A lemon or lime should be cut in half.
Sprinkle half of the salt on the tarnished copper bracelet and massage it clean.
Using a Scotch Brite pad or the rough side of a sponge, rub the area.
For a long-lasting sheen, polish using beeswax.

Method with Salt, Vinegar, and Flour
In a mixing dish, combine one tablespoon salt and one cup white vinegar.
Gradually add the flour and mix until a paste is formed.
Apply the paste to the tarnished portions of the copper bracelet and massage it in.
Allow for fifteen to one hour of sitting time.
Rinse and polish with warm water.

Method of Ketchup
It’s great for tiny tarnish spots.
Over tarnished areas, apply a thin to moderate layer of ketchup.
Allow for fifteen minutes of resting time.
Use a non-scratch pad to rub the area.
Rinse it off.